Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Stop it right now…you are NOT going to do this challenge. And here’s WHY!!

Let’s start with this…the picture! You’re honestly going to reference this picture for the next 30 days as you embark on this squat challenge? You’re going to look at that ass…hoping that in just 30 days, doing just squats, you’ll slip into those pleather workout pants (WTF are pleather workout pants?), and look just like that?

By the way, there’s really no way for you to know if/when you look like that unless you have someone else take a picture for you from behind (you’ll need to find the right friend to do this).

So, you’ll try to make sure you look just like the picture from the challenge by awkwardly turning around in the mirror to see…but you won’t be at the right angle, so it won’t look right..DEFEAT!

OK, enough with the picture. In general, I just don’t really like those types of pics used for fitness motivation. That’s all! I feel like it sends the message that the only reason you should move is to look hot in pleather leggings. The thought just make me sweat! And WE KNOW there are so many better reasons to move, right?

The real reason I’m not a super-fan of these ONE-movement challenges is…INJURY! Not trying to be the total MOM here, but this is one of those “be careful, you might get hurt” things! There are 3 main reasons this type of challenge can lead to injury.

First, it’s the same movement. EVERYDAY. Generally just not a great idea to do the same exercise everyday. Too much wear and tear on muscles and joints by doing the same motion. This makes a movement that is perfectly safe to do a few times a week unsafe by doing it daily. Better to do a variety of exercises and rotate them, so you’re not using the same muscles and joints each day. OR, you could do the same movement daily, but keep the reps fairly low. But these challenges usually build to a pretty high number of reps.

Which leads to reason #2. The # of reps builds VERY quickly. Depending on your current level of activity, this really could be TOO MUCH TOO SOON. So, if you really want to be able to do a high # of reps of a certain exercise, or to be able to hold plank for a long time…work up to it gradually. Maybe make it a 90 day challenge, instead of a 30 day challenge.

Another way to change it up…#3. These challenges give you no days off! So, the muscles and joints that you’re using (really overusing) don’t have time to recover. That means that the “sore” feeling, goes beyond that “good hurt” and moves to possible damage. Not good! Solution – when you make the challenge longer, build in some off days. Maybe work for 2 days and take a day off from those movements. On those “off” days, find different ways to move that engage different muscles.

So, without the picture of me in the pleather leggings (trust me, I look just like that – LOL)…try this routine instead:

How about a Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday routine – 10 reps of each movement. Squats, pushups, lunges, plank (slow count to 10). Repeat this 3 times. And it’s your choice if you do all of this at one time (maybe to start your day) OR break it up throughout the day (maybe morning/noon/night). As always, let me know how it’s going – is this working for you?


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