About Meredith

"I believe in a whole-life approach to health – including movement, nutrition, sleep, self-care and stress management."

I’m a mom of two boys (7 & 9), wife, small business owner, group fitness instructor, and health coach. And I’m willing to admit that it took me until the second half of my 30’s to find my WHY!

As a full-time working mom, I definitely didn’t make myself a priority. I’m not sure anything was a priority because hubby and I were just trying to figure out how to survive each day with two kids under 3 in daycare, both of us working full time, commuting, etc. We survived, but we definitely weren’t LIVING!


So, when my oldest was in his last year of preschool, I decided to become a stay-at-home mom – easy, right? HA!!! So, another adjustment! Again, I definitely didn’t know how to make myself a priority…at first. As I got into my SAHM groove, I found a local mom who was starting to run fitness classes in her backyard. YES! This was just what I needed. As her business grew, I was lucky enough to get the chance to lead some classes for her…and that’s how I got started teaching group fitness.


I’ve always been interested in health and fitness but didn’t really have a set method to any of it. This was just fine before I had kids…you know, when I actually had time to go to a gym, do long runs, and pop in a DVD whenever I wanted. Life after kiddos looks different and that’s OK, but I needed to figure out HOW I could still take care of ME, but not feel like I was neglecting my boys (don’t need another source of mom guilt, right?).


Honestly, I was confused and overwhelmed by ALL of the information out there. And now, I was trying to work through the info for myself, and for the women in my classes.


Yes, it’s taken me a good chunk of my life, but I have finally found what I really LOVE to do and how I love to do it. I want to share this with you!


I believe in a whole-life approach to health – including movement, nutrition, sleep, self-care and stress management.

I believe that this approach starts with YOU – and that you influence (not force) those around you.

I believe in loving the process.

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